In safe hands

Tape transport

Tape transport - in safe hands

In addition to secure storage, another important aspect of our logistics process is tape transport.

Transport is carried out by internal and intensively screened employees, guaranteeing both quality and reliability.

Tape transport

Our tape transport is part of our strong logistics process. Tape transport is carried out by in-house, experienced drivers who discreetly and anonymously transport your data in unmarked vehicles. All employees at Backupned are intensively screened, including employees who are responsible for tape transport. All vehicles have been conditioned and equipped with a so-called 'vehicle tracking system'.

Using our Tape Tracer application, you can even track your data while it is on the road. Your tape backup includes a barcode, allowing you to track it at all times.

Company information is very important and invaluable. It forms the foundation of your business and we'd like to treat your data in the same way.

We can ensure you that you data will be secure with us and that the process will run smoothly. We do this by combining security and continuity with short lines of communication and perfect availability, both day and night. If necessary, you can retrieve short data within no time.

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To keep your data safe

Tape transport - online offsite datavaulting

ONLINE DATA TRANSFER off-site vaulting

The convenience of online data transport, combined with the safety, security and reliability of tape storage.

Tape transport - Offline offsite data vault


Safe and secure tape storage, available 24 hours a day, inaccessible to anyone else.

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How is transport kept secure?
We work on the basis of a low-profile policy and therefore use unmarked vehicles for this. All our vehicles are air-conditioned and provided with an alarm system with a high security rating. They are also provided with a black box with a GPS vehicle tracking system so that we can see the exact location of the vehicle at any time. The history of this data is kept for a long time.
Do you ever have incidents which could put my back-up tapes at risk?
All our drivers are permanently employed with long-term contracts for an indefinite period. We closely monitor the state of our fleet of vehicles and the quality of maintenance. All vehicles are replaced every two years. Our drivers’ driving behaviour is consistent and extremely careful. The number of incidents in relation to the number of kilometres driven each year is virtually zero.
Can you be compared to a courier service?
Certainly not, even though it might seem so. We perform daily and weekly recurring transports with a strong sense of their high insurance rating. This is further reinforced by our day-to-day contact with our clients.
How frequently can you collect tapes from us?
It can be done regularly: daily, weekly, monthly and annually at times between 8.30 and 17.30. It is also possible to make use of an on-demand schedule in which the exchange is arranged entirely according to the client’s wishes and needs. Arrangements for exchanges at the weekend or on nationally recognised public holidays must be made in advance.
Do you also collect back-up tapes from other countries?
Yes, we do. National or continental borders form no obstacles to us. It is however conditional on our being completely involved in the transport as the regulatory authority and “processor”.