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If you are looking for tape storage, you’ll find what you need at Backupned. Our skilled workers are trained in storing your data safely at an extremely secure location in the Netherlands.

Your data is safe from disasters such as break-ins, fire, etc. in our modern underground bunker. But don’t forget hackers either. Because our bunker is completely offline, they don’t stand a chance. Endorsement by HP (Hewlett Packard) and IBM confirms that this is an extremely secure way of storing data. If something happens at your site, we can be with you within three hours. By so doing, we can ensure that you are quickly up and running again.

Tape storage - Offline offsite data vault


Why should you opt for tape storage? This is a valid question, and we’ll give you eight reasons why you should choose tape storage rather than other options.

1. Low cost

Tape storage is a cheap way of safeguarding your important business data. It is cheaper than other options for storing data. It is even 15 times cheaper than storage on disk. Research by the Clipper Group has confirmed this.

2. Sustainable and green

It’s not just a wise choice for your wallet. Tape storage is also better for the environment. It consumes 238 times less energy than storage on disk. This fact is also taken from research by the Clipper Group. Tape storage gives you a solution that is better for the environment but is also cheaper in terms of energy costs.

3. Easy management

Management and use are very simple. We have developed our own TapeTracer app to offer you the option of tracking your tapes with ease. This app is therefore completely self-administered. You only have to wait a few minutes and every tape can be traced. On top of this, we also offer the service of delivering them quickly to you.

During audits, we ensure that a real-time report can always be provided on the tapes we manage in our tape library. You can also look at all the tape handling history in the app. This means its entire history from the moment a tape arrives in our depot.

4. Full-service solution

We offer a single, high-quality solution. A solution for tape storage, backup and disaster recovery.

5. Extremely secure

We store your important data offline and securely. It means that no hackers can get to it. As such, an escalating threat in current society is sidestepped.

6. Easily exchanged

The tapes can be safely and easily relocated with our tape transport. This always goes well, because we screen our staff intensively before they come to work for us. Furthermore, the tapes can always be traced by means of the TapeTracer app we have developed and manage in-house.

7. Extremely long storage time

Your data is stored conveniently and securely. LTO tapes last for more than 30 years.

8. Simple to scale up

Is the amount of data suddenly increasing tremendously? No problem! Our tape storage grows with your data without you having to pay any more for transport and infrastructure.


Your tape backup is stored in our highly secure bunker under the ground. It is far away from disasters. As such, we ensure the best data protection. Secure transport, management and, when needed, recovery of data are also important. Here too, we are happy to help.


Your tape systems are stored safely in our bunker. But this is not the only thing that is important. They also need to be transported safely and securely. New backups are made regularly and need to be transported securely. Here, too, our skilled workers are the solution.

Management and recovery of tape storage

Rows of tapes are stored in our modern bunker. We ensure that every magnetic tape has a unique barcode. This enables us to find out easily who the tape technology belongs to and which information it contains. Whenever necessary, we can be at any location in the Netherlands within three hours to hand over the right tapes.

What’s the difference between off-site, onsite data backup and online backup?

There are three types of backups: offsite backup, onsite backup and online backup. In offsite storage, archival data storage, the backup is on tape rather than disk drives, and kept in a geographically different place. This is also known as air gap backup. In the case of onsite backups, the data is at the same physical location. Obviously, this is not the safest place. If your premises are broken into, the data is very accessible for hackers. In the case of an online backup, the backup is sent over the internet to a specially designed data centre. This type of backup is also known as cloud storage or cloud backup.

In a nutshell: we offer a completely transparent process for managing all your media tapes and off-site tape storage.

You know where your data is

We get it that it’s important for you to know where your data is. Backupned uses TapeTracer for this. This is an app we have developed in-house. Within minutes you can see where one or more specific tapes are.

From the moment a tape is placed in our tape library, you can see everything about it. You can also look back at a tape’s history.


Backupned’s approach ensures that you always benefit from a customised method. It starts when you come to us with a question about storing your data. We examine which storage method would be the best for you. We look at what your needs are and whether there is a Management Information System or audit which could make measures necessary.

After this, Backupned comes up with a provisional estimate. If you are in agreement, we draw up a definitive analysis with a summary of what has to be stored on which tape medium and how many of that type of storage medium are needed. The estimate is then adjusted accordingly. The agreement contains a description of the procedures with all the corresponding processes.

Aspects which could be included are the authorisation process, authorised employees, the volumes to be transported, what happens where, the security level and which means of transport are to be used.

After that, we start to organise the service, which includes a planning schedule, security, and routes for the means of transport. We will agree a date on which our logistics manager will start to test the process. We will only start the official process if the process passes the test. We schedule an evaluation two months in when you can tell us whether you are completely satisfied or not. If you are not satisfied, we will look for an appropriate solution.



We invest continuously in improving the security level. The level is in line with our high level of offline tape storage and the highly secure online backup process.

Every year, risk analyses are performed in various disciplines by external auditors. Besides that, we are constantly prepared for security aspects which arise as a result of fast-changing IT and developments in society.


Data centres specialising in mass storage of data consume increasing amounts of energy, whereas static data can be stored on tape perfectly well and they use zero energy. In addition, tapes have a very long lifespan and are easy to trace. If you store your data for a long time, we guarantee its availability at any moment.


We endorse the 3-2-1-0 rule, in which 0 represents a golden copy. A golden copy is checked for the absence of encryption introduced by cybercriminals and is guaranteed clean. One of its uses is for data recovery following a ransomware attack.

The golden copy is obviously stored externally in a high-security location.


We guarantee that the data you store with us can only be looked at or retrieved by you.


All processes in our company carry certificates. We guarantee traceability and therefore uninterrupted continuity of archive storage.

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