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Data centres possess a colossal amount of data that has to be stored in large numbers. Given that this data is of high value, an external back-up is the wisest choice for the continuity of both the company and information. BackupNed offers secure and reliable storage for every type and size of data.

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  • Fully offline
  • 6m underground & 60m above NAP
  • Transport by own employees
  • Extensively certified: ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO/IEC27001 and NEN7510
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What is important for
data centres?

If there's one specific type of company that possesses enormous amounts of data, it's a data centre. It is crucial that this data is secure and, in the event of calamities, continues to exist. The loss of this data could cause great damage to the company.

With our expertise and reliability, we guarantee the safety of your files. For data centres, external storage in the underground bunker of BackupNed is the best option for secure data storage.

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