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Tape backups have been being made since 1928 and, throughout the last century, their use continually changed and improved. When new media or methodologies are on the verge of superseding tape backup, new threats appear which reaffirm their value. As such, tape backup has now become a permanent and trusted element of the IT life cycle.

Backupned has never lost its belief in the value of tape backups throughout the 25 years the company has been in existence. Tape is currently used less as a backup medium, but even more as a long-term storage medium, for which purpose it has the additional advantages of minimum energy consumption, lower cost (TCO) and a considerable reduction of carbon emissions. Because the data on tape backup is only physically accessible at an offline and off-site location, all the requirements relating to the availability of data for the long term are met.

Taking 2020 as our reference, we can justifiably conclude that the total data volume has increased to some 40 ZB (Zettabytes). The IDC (International Data Corporation) estimated the total amount of generated data in 2016 to be 16.1 Zettabytes and predicted in 2017 that the amount of data worldwide would grow to 163 Zettabytes by 2025. Experience now shows that this prediction may even be exceeded. We are talking about an average data growth of some 40% a year. This requires new ways of thinking, new analyses and insights. Backupned unburden you throughout, from purchase to storage.

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As mentioned earlier, tape backup is now being used less as a backup medium (although its benefits as a Golden Copy have increased due to ransomware attacks) and more as a storage medium for the long term. In that context, we see that the use of tape drives is constantly being evaluated and the benefits established anew each time. In broad terms, we are now seeing a difference in their use by the classification of data as either static or dynamic. Dynamic data is frequently consulted. This type of data is some 10% of the total amount of data being stored. About 70% of the data can be classified as static data, or data which is seldom, if ever, consulted. Evidence from legislation, analyses and other obligations reveals that this data is still very important however, and is often required to be stored for a long time.

Besides this, the emergence of ransomware has given tape backup a new role in IT risk management and a renewed evaluation of the BCP (Business Continuity Plan) has taken place. Golden Copies which can be demonstrated to be free of ransomware can play an important role in the data recovery after a ransomware attack and therefore deserve to be paid renewed attention in the BCP.

Backup LTO 9 tapes are stored in Backupned’s underground depots under the required conditions of sustainability, security, conditioning, and therefore reliability. The maximum service life of 30 years guaranteed by the manufacturer can thus be achieved under all these conditions.

Because the physical handling of tapes is now thought of as an inconvenience in many organisations, Backupned provides an environment in which you can write your data securely to tape backup, after which Backupned takes care of its secure off-site and offline storage in house. You can continue to use a tried and tested storage medium which you can trust, but you no longer have the disadvantages and inconvenience of all the physical handling activities, making your life easier all round. Because your data and your backup are in two physically separate locations, this is also known as air gapped backup.

If you still have doubts about the use of Cloud, Disk or Tapes, we can go through them all:

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Why should you opt for our full-service tape backup? We can give you eight reasons why we offer the safest and most appropriate solution.

1. Cheapest solution

Tape backup is a secure way of storing your company’s data. It is an inexpensive way to manage your data and cheaper than other options for storing data. Take disk storage for example: research conducted by the Clipper Group revealed that tapes are 15 times cheaper.

2. Sustainable and green

In today’s climate, it is important for your company’s operations to be as sustainable and green as possible. Tape backup is better for the environment than other data storage methods. For instance, it consumes 238 times less energy than disk storage, as confirmed by the Clipper Group’s research. Tape is therefore the most sustainable option. Because tapes consume less energy, you will also notice that your energy bill is lower. Killing two birds with one stone, in other words!

3. Simple management and use

Our full-service package makes it simple for you to use and manage your tapes. Backupned has developed its own app for this: TapeTracer, which enables you to track and trace your tapes with ease. It only takes a few minutes. As an additional service, we deliver the tape(s) you need quickly right to your door.

Another service which is part of our full-service package is a real-time report which we produce during audits. It gives you an overview of all your tapes stored in our bunker. You can also see the history of your data in the TapeTracer app: the entire history from the moment a tape was entrusted to us.

4. Full-service solution

Backupned offers a full-service package. This means that we take over all your tape handling. We are your one-stop-shop for data storage, backup, transport and disaster recovery.

5. Extremely secure

Your essential data is always stored securely offline. Hackers are an increasing threat nowadays but by storing your data offline, we prevent hackers from accessing it.

6. Easily exchanged

Our secure tape transport enables the data on your tapes to be moved easily. Because our employees are intensively screened before they come to work for us, we know that the transport will always go smoothly. If you want to track your tapes during transport, you can do so easily using the TapeTracer app. It was developed in house.

7. Extremely long storage time

LTO tapes last for a long time: more than 30 years. Your data is therefore stored conveniently and securely for a long time.

8. Simple to scale up

What if your company is growing, and with it the amount of sensitive data? No problem! Our tape backup will grow along with your data. There is plenty of room in our underground bunker for all your data and tapes.

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