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Backupned is specialised in sustainable security of all types of LTO and enterprise tapes. The most secure location in the Netherlands for your data and archives? Guaranteed with our underground bunker, built in the 1950s and fully renovated by Backupned.

Tape backup - Offline offsite data vault

How does it work?


In addition to secure storage, another important aspect of our logistics process is tape transport.

  • Transport is carried out by internal and intensively screened employees. All processes are managed and guaranteed in ISO 27001 and 9001. These guarantee our quality and reliability.
  • All vehicles have been conditioned and equipped with a so-called ‘vehicle tracking system’, allowing us to track your tape backup at all times.


There is no safer location than the underground bunker of Backupned, located at one of the highest points in the Netherlands.

  • Your data will in no way be accessible from the outside: the best protection against an increasing number of threats, such as viruses, malware and targeted sabotages (corruption).
  • In the event of a calamity, your tape backup will always be secure. External storage of a tape backup is crucial in a situation such as this.


In order to provide you with professional management of tape volumes, Backupned has developed it own scanning application, the so-called ‘Tape Tracer’.

  • The app registers and archives all tape activities. As a result, all activities of the customer can be tracked using our authorised customer portal.
  • Thanks to a sound method of security, Tape Tracer’s secure data is not accessible. This method (and its great reliability) is highly appreciated by both our customers and auditors, especially from remote locations.


In the event of a calamity at your location, we can take action very quickly.

  • In the event of an emergency, we can act quickly and accurately and will return the data you required within the agreed time frame. We set up procedures for each customer, in which agreed authorisations are established.
  • Thanks to our exact and pure copy of your data, we can easily replace your original data in the event of loss.

Our services in tape backup

To keep your data safe

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What is included in our service?
Our full-service provision comprises the supply and labelling of tapes, their transport, tape handling at the client and in our depot, secure storage, data recovery and certified destruction of tapes.
Do you ever lose a tape?
No, we make use of our own barcode application, developed in-house, including a tracing module which enables us to track and register all tape movements. Every handling activity is recorded and archived for as long as the tape is in our care. No tape has ever been lost in our 25-year history.
Do tapes need to be “treated” while they are being stored (e.g. rewound/replaced) to ensure that their condition does not deteriorate?
No, the quality of LTO tapes from type LTO5 onwards means that is not necessary. The manufacturer does not make this a condition for meeting the guarantee period it offers either.
What is the lifespan of a tape in your depot?
In combination with the right climate conditions in our underground depot, the manufacturer guarantees a lifespan of up to 30 years for tapes.
Do I need to take additional measures before a tape is stored for a long period?
To be sure that the tape in question can be read again after a long time, we advise that the tape is analysed prior to being stored. The analysis can assess whether the data has been correctly written to tape, which is essential for correct data recovery. In addition, a catalogue can be created to enable the data you require to be traced quickly and correctly. Backupned recommends that you keep your data mover or back-up software package versions up to date and include them in the back-up process description to ensure that you get the right version should you need to restore or recover your data.
Which measures are taken to prevent an unauthorised person from retrieving a tape from you?
We advise all our clients to provide an authorisation procedure. It must state who is authorised to retrieve a tape and when that can be done. An escalation procedure including details of the authorisation levels you desire can be linked to this process.
How is the safety and security of my tapes guaranteed?
In terms of construction: by means of safely storing them in underground, former nuclear bunkers. Electronically: by means of a BORG-certified security system combined with a real-time camera detection system placed at strategic spots in and around the depots. The entrance to the depots and to the separate vaults where the tapes are kept are compartmentalised and equipped with electronic access control and registration.
What is the minimum and maximum number of tapes I can store with you?
You can use our service even if you only have one tape, but that can be extended to some 50,000 tapes per client.
What are your retention periods?
You decide on your own retention periods on the basis of your own company policy, compatible with the retention periods set by the legislator. We can meet every request.
Can I hand over my data management to you too?
Of course, when you are ready, we will manage the data for the retention period you define for each data set. When these periods come to an end, we will destroy these data carriers in accordance with a meticulous certified process.
Do I need to buy and maintain my own hardware to make use of your services?
Our clients are not confined to an on-premises solution, in which Backupned collects your physical data carriers and keeps them safe. We also provide an “as-a-Service model” which includes data storage, back-ups and archiving to make your life easier.