In safe hands

Online datatransfer, Off-site back-up

Considering outsourcing your entire back-up process? We can do it all for you, from generating tapes and tape handling, to their external storage: a comprehensive off-site/online and off-site/off-grid solution.

Online backup, offsite vaulting - BackupNed (2)


Your data is transferred online to one of Backupned’s underground depots by way of ultra-secure, high-quality fibre connections. To do so, we make use of back-up software implemented with a high degree of security, encryption and state-of-the-art compression techniques.

On arrival, the data is immediately written to high-performance data tapes (LTO -Linear Tape Open- technology). After a jointly agreed retention period, the tapes are physically transported to the second depot.

This is where your tapes are stored offline and off-site in accordance with the most recent, up-to-date archiving standards. This ensures that your data is completely inaccessible to unauthorised persons.

Highly secure at low costs

Full access during the retention period, tape cataloguing, data recovery and reconstruction. Complete peace of mind with guaranteed and verified traceability.

Our fleet of vehicles comprises inconspicuous cars and motorbikes. Our drivers have undergone special driver training to enable them to drive fast but safely through busy traffic, while adhering to applicable legal regulations.

A helicopter is used in urgent situations or when very high-quality data transport is required.

Our offline, off-site services

Backupned’s depots are situated in recently modernised, former nuclear bunkers: ultra-secure and compartmentalised. Although underground, they are well above Amsterdam Ordnance Datum (NAP).

In safe hands


  • Backupned’s depots: two former nuclear-free, recently modernised and ultra-secure underground bunkers.
  • Full-service provision for essential data security.
  • 24-hour availability of online and offline data.
  • Reliable data storage: prior data analysis with the option of cataloguing each tape.
  • Data recovery: we can recover your data at any time in any format you wish.
  • Data destruction: all-inclusive and guaranteed within the scope of ISO 9001 and ISO/EC 27001.
  • No reviews, no references: anonymity and discretion are anchored in our DNA.