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Below are a number of comments by customers who regularly use our services.

"The bunker is in excellent condition and highly secured. An impressive calling card."
Ton Jansen, Service Manager

Centric offers complete IT solutions for various sectors. A large number of our customers has secured their data at BackupNed. 'We have now been working with BackupNed for over 10 years. Why? Our customers are satisfied. And as long as our customers are satisfied, we are too.”

‘BackupNed is a small and highly organised company’, says Jansen. ‘They always stick to agreements. Moreover, the company is flexible. In short; everything we look for in a partner. In addition, the lines of communication are very short. If I need advice, I simply call their office and receive an immediate answer.’

"Reliability is an important aspect in this process, something which BackupNed has certainly proven to be"
Jan van de Wouw, Group ICT Manager

For many years now and to great satisfaction, BackupNed has been responsible for IHC Merwede's tapes. BackupNed is highly focused on its core service (tape handling) and is thus able to take care of this process down to the smallest details.

One important benefit
According to Van de Wouw, one important benefit is that BackupNed's always sticks to its agreements. As a customer you always have a fixed point of contact. Moreover, if you require a specific set of tapes they will always be delivered on time. The lines of communication are short and the general service is top notch.

Fast delivery
Sometimes we require a tape or other stored data on location. As long as you report this before 9am, the tape will be delivered the same day!’

"The staff is punctual, correct and always provide you with clear information"
Harrie Roolvink, Supervisor SMC

Travel Organisation TUI has been a customer of BackupNed for several years now. ‘I even think we were one of the first customers. At the time, we saw an enormous growth in data and the best option seemed to store our media tapes in a safe location.’

The bunker
BackupNed's bunker proved to be ideal and we have had an excellent partnership ever since. The lines of communication at BackupNed are extremely short. In all these years, we have a a number of calamities. However, each time we were able to recover the lost data within the agreed time frame. Our collaboration is excellent.

"I no longer have to worry about backups and know our tapes and data are properly managed"
Ab Smits, Campina

Already after the first phone call there is a sense of personal connection and familiarity with the customer, something which I didn't necessarily expected and still highly appreciate. Not just a number but a familiar customer with specific needs that need to be answered to. Delivery of tapes in cases? No problem. Delivery of tapes on a different day than agreed to or pick up at no extra cost? Of course! Emergency delivery? If necessary within hours, 24/7. Barcode labels with their own text? Included for free with the next tape change. If you're sending tapes later then expected, they'll simply give you a friendly phone call and ask you what's going on.

Various data storage options
Besides the storage of tapes, another advantage of BackupNed is the possibility of storing other types of data carriers such as DVDs, memory sticks, hard disks, etc. All in uniquely sealed cases.

As a system and ICT manager, these services are highly important to me. I no longer have to worry about backups and know our tapes and data are properly managed. These are things that are very hard to express in money, but yet are very valuable.

"The storage and transport of data is an extension of our security policy."
Ben Visser, IT Manager Eurocept Groep

We are extremely satisfied with the services provided by BackupNed. The storage and transport of data is an extension of our security policy.

Short, direct lines of communication
Due to short and direct lines of communication, we are in good contact with BackupNed. With the arrival of the GDPR, the ISO certificates also give us a comfortable feeling.


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