Off-site backup storage

BackupNed's off-site back service is a reliable way of securely storing your data. The secured data is in no way accessible from the outside, however a remote audit using tapes is always possible.

Tape backup
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How does it work?

Your tape backup is securely stored in our bunker, far removed from any calamities. However, you can track all your tape activities using our 'Tape Tracer' application.

offsite backup storage

Off-site backup storage

By using the unique barcodes, the locations of your media tapes are updated. Using Tape Tracer (our barcode scanning application), you will have 24/7 insight into the locations of your media tapes. The application also has the feature of requesting the full history of your tape activities. Complete transparency for your externally stored data. Here's an overview of all the benefits:

  • Worldwide 24/7 insight into your stored media tapes
  • Overviews/statistics can be viewed and delivered quickly/efficiently
  • A fast and error-free delivery of media ta[es
  • An accurate administrative overview and history of all activities
  • An automated process for the daily/weekly retrieval of scratch tapes; linking of scanning application to all your library software

Especially in environments where tape libraries are used, Tape Tracer offers a unique added value. The scratch lists from the library software are directly scanned by Tape Tracer in order to process retrieval requests. Using the customer portal, customers have access to up-to-date information on externally stored media tapes ('Tracking Tracing' module).

In short: A fully transparent process for the off-site backup and management of all your media tapes.

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