December 23, 2013

Offline data backup safe for government agencies

The recently spy practices of the NSA have greatly disturbed many people. More and more companies are looking for safer backup solutions.

Safe backup solutions in the Netherlands

Today many companies move their data to the Netherlands. The stable political and economic climate in the Netherlands and high degree of security at Backupned ensure sustainable data management.

Storing data securely

By storing data on backup tapes, you are guaranteed cost-effective and secure storage. Owner of Backupned, Peter Benedick, has over 20 years of experience in the secure storage of critical data. “Although these days everything is done digital, the most secure way of storing data is still offline” guarantees Benedick.

Most secure backup: offline tapes

Backupned stores all customer data on tapes. As a result, the data is physically separated from networks and suitable for long term storage. Moreover, the tapes are stored in a fully conditioned and secure bunker at a secret location. “No hacker or interested (government) party can access this data”, says Benedick.


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