May 16, 2014

Not online, but offline data storage is the future

Because more and more organisations use the cloud, this also increases the need for offline data storage. In view of the enormous growth in data, there is an attractive growth area in the offline storage of data tapes. A new and important function of the tapes in the life cycle of data.

Why tapes? Aren’t they old-fashioned?

It is often thought that the era of tapes is far behind us. However, nothing seems less true. A data tape remain an unprecedentedly safe storage medium, of very high quality. Combined with the increasing use of the cloud, the demand for offline data storage is increasing rapidly.

Online data storage is highly fraud sensitive

Especially with the increase in online security vulnerabilities, cybercrime, NSA spying practices and uncertainties surrounding national data security laws, more and more companies are seeking that extra bit of security. Offline data storage offers a great degree of certainty.

Combination of storage mediums

On the basis of data classification, companies often choose a mix of storage mediums. For example, a third of data is often stored on tapes. Companies and institutions determine what kind of information is most suitable for any medium based on aspects such as accessibility, reliability, confidentiality and, above all, costs. This way they can make a proper decision with regards to combined online/offline data storage.

Anonymous and honest partner

The fact that Backupned is not a newcomer in the market is demonstrated by its huge customer base and inceasing number of tapes every year. Backupned currently transports and secures approx. 50,000 tapes. This number is expected to reach 60,000 at the end of the year. Because Backupned places a lot of importance on anonymity and integrity, the company doesn’t publish these numbers with a lot of hoopla.

Expanding Backupned’s success

Backupned continues to grow and is already preparing to enter markets beyond the Dutch borders. With the purchase of a nuclear bunker in Dedemsvaart in the east of the country, the company has taken the first steps towards conquering the German data storage market.

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