May 28, 2014

Millions of private data leaked once again

With all the modern online data storage options and the enormous increase in hackers and viruses it is just a matter of time before things go wrong. This time the American auction site eBay that has become the victim of a number of hackers. It is said that the hackers acquired the data of at least 145 million eBay customers.

This attack can thus be identified as one of the biggest cyber crimes ever. The biggest leak ever took place in October 2013, when hackers obtained the private data of 152 million Adobe software users.

Data obtained by hackers

According to an eBay spokesman, the hackers have acquired lots of personal information about its users, including email addresses, birth dates and address information. This information can be used to cause a lot of damage, such as identity fraud.

Smartly handle your confidential data

eBay recommends its users to change their passwords in the hope that the hackers will not be able to crack them again. It would be ever smarter, however, if we became more aware of the dangers posed by placing important information online.

Smartly defy hackers with offline tape storage

The internet is the future. It’s impossible to dispute this. But in addition to the enormous luxury and comfort that the internet offers us, we should be very alert for the unauthorised use of our data. Offline data storage guarantees a high security solution (both short and long term).

Click here to read (in Dutch) the news article about the eBay leak.

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