November 18, 2014

LTO announces new road map

The LTO Program Technology Providers HP, IBM and Quantum have announced a comprehensive new roadmap. This roadmap include two new generations of tapes (9 and 10), with even greater capacities and throughput rates.

The latest generation guidelines required compressed capacities of 62.5 TB for generation 9 and 120 TB for generation 10. [M1] According to the new roadmap, organisations can expect improvements both in terms of capacity and efficiency, all at a lower price.

Throughput rates are increasing faster than ever

Throughput rates are expected to increase faster than ever: by more than 600%. Plans speak of compressed processing speeds up to 1,770 MB/second for generation 9 and a groundbreaking 2,750 MB/second for generation 10. The current generation of LTO technology (generation 6) supports a tape cartridge storage compressed capacity of up to 6.25 TB, more than twice the compressed capacity of the previous generation, and tape drive data processing rates of up to 400MB/second for more than 1.4 TB storage performance per hour per drive.

Compatible with previous generations

Every new generation offers read-write backwards compatibility with the previous generations and compatibility with cartridges of two previous generations. This makes previous investments still relevant and cost-effective and simplifies implementation. Other features include Read Once, Write Many (WORM) inscription and partitioning – allowing Linear Tape File System capabilities for easy file location and wider compatibility.

About Linear Tape Open (LTO)

The LTO Ultrium format is a powerful open tape format, developed by HP, IBM and Quantum Corporation (and their predecessors), which is continuously improved to meet the growing demand for data protection. The roadmap for future growth presents intentions and goals that may be changed or withdrawn in the future. There is no guarantee that these goals will be achieved. The roadmap is intended to create an overview of the technology and should never serve as the main reason for purchasing decisions. Format compliance verification is of vital importance in achieving the free-interchange objectives that form the core of the LTO Programme. Conference dates and other information can be found on

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