May 28, 2014

ICT sector is able to support itself

Prime Minister Mark Rutte recently praised the Netherlands as an ICT country. He believes the Dutch ICT landscape is very healthy and even sees opportunities for the Netherlands to become a mini Silicon Valley. Rutte believes representatives of the Dutch ICT sector are personally responsible for their public image.

Own responsibility

Rutte believes that representatives of the Dutch data centre sector are responsible for their public image and is not planning to set aside extra money to promote the Dutch ICT sector. ‘They are perfectly capable of supporting themselves’, Rutte believes. In anticipation of Rutte’s vision, Backupned took the lead some years ago in improving its public image by conducting various market studies into the actual usefulness of storage tapes. This has eventually led to a complete ‘reincarnation’ of this highly reliable and cost-saving storage medium.

Reincarnation of tapes

Backupned took the lead in improving its public image by taking personal responsibility of the reincarnation of offline tapes for data storage.

Data storage on the latest generation of data tapes (LTO) has brought both the reliability and functionality of this storage medium (LTFS) to an equal level with all other online storage applications.
As a result, the professional ICT sector now know two storage mediums: Disk and Tape. In addition to cost-savings, the major advantage of offline tape storage is the inability of unauthorised persons to access these tapes. The data in this ‘phase’ is completely disconnected from any network and, in Backupned’s case, is sustainably and highly secured.

Security service provider of the year

Backupned was recently nominated as ‘Security Service Provider of the Year’. The report of the five-member independent jury was as follows: “A safe environment for data management is a must these days and Backupned’s initiative is highly appreciated.” “This approach to storing important data offline is expected to increase in popularity. A successful initiative that protects organisations against the American NSA and ‘grey’ and ‘black’ hackers”.

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