February 18, 2015

IBM invests $ 1 billion in storage portfolio

IBM has great plans for its storage portfolio. In the next five years, the company will invest over $ 1 billion in developing open standards, cloud storage and Spectrum Storage.

With the use of over 700 new patents, IBM Spectrum Storage is intended to assist customer place their data in the right location at the right time. Major new possibilities include flash storage for quick access and cloud storage at low costs. The new solution aims to help customers make the transition to a hybrid cloud business model.

One important aspect of Spectrum Storage that will ensure this is the possibility to manage huge amounts of data from a single dashboard. This is especially interesting for large companies with explosively growing data needs. For example, IBM has already served Netflix with this service.

With IBM Spectrum Accelerate, part of IBM Spectrum Storage, customers can create their own cloud environment and flexibly organise data centre capabilities. This component is the first software product based on IBM’s XIV high-end storage tool. The software is thus based on open industry standards.

Source: http://www.computable.nl/artikel/nieuws/storage/5231171/1277017/ibm-steekt-1-miljard-dollar-in-opslagportfolio.html

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