May 16, 2014

Former nuclear bunker is a stable shelter for data

The ICT platform and magazine Computable recently dedicated an article to the foundation and services of Backupned. They have experienced the highly stable, isolated and conditioned environment in which Backupned stores offline tapes first-hand.

Reliable data storage

Backupned offers a stable and extremely reliable shelter for confidential data. This because Backupned complies with various security protocols, is ISO 9001 and 27001 certified and its storage area is located in a highly secured underground nuclear bunker.

Offline data storage is generally safe

Offline data storage remains the safest way of storing data. There is no way for criminals to access confidential customer information.

From police officer and security service to successful data storage service provider

The article by Computable also describes the career of owner Peter Benedick and the creation of Backupned. Benedick started his career has a policy officer and later founded a security service with an ex-colleague. Eventually, Benedick believed he wasn’t challenged enough and decided to use his knowledge and ambition to establish a data storage service company.

Data storage for the higher end of the market

By focusing on the higher end of the market and taking away the worries of companies, Peter and Backupned have been able to distinguish themselves from the competition and gained ground quickly. Today, Backupned employs fifteen people and transports/secures approx. fifty thousand tapes with company data. Moreover, this number is rapidly increasing.

Read the full article here (in Dutch).

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