March 13, 2014

Dozens of victims of cyber crime

The importance of regularly storing critical data offline has become apparent once more after an alert from the police and National Cyber Security Centre about an Internet virus that destroys computer files irreparably.

Irreversible destruction of computer files

This Internet virus has been active for a number of months and causes irreversible destruction of computer files. The virus affects municipalities, SMEs and individuals. Financial data, customer files and images are often targets. The files are encrypted by the criminals and are subsequently completely inaccessible.

Securing important files in an offline environment

A so-called Golden Copy is the perfect solution for critical data and can prevent a lot of harm. A Golden Copy is securely stored in a safe (external) environment and, in case of calamities, can completely replace your original.

Click here for the news article written (in Dutch) on this virus.

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