December 2, 2015

De security of LTO7, now and in the future

FUJIFILM launches the LTO Ultrium 7 tape. Partly because of the influence of developments in the area of high-definition 4K and 8K video, the increase in so-called supercomputers and innovations related to ‘the Internet of Things’, the amount of data usage is steadily increasing. At the same time, estimates show that more than 80% of all data is rarely consulted or at all. With LTO7, the tape also provides a solution in the future.

1. Increased capacity

LTO7 drives and tapes offer 2.4 times the capacity of LTO6 and 4 times the capacity of LTO5 tapes. Where an LTO6 tape has a capacity of 2.5 TB, an LTO7 tape has a capacity of 6TB. In the long term these means a more inexpensive TCO, less data migration and space requirements savings.

2. Reduction of backup time

LTO7 drives reduce backup times compared to LTO6 and LTO5 drives. The transfer rate of an LTO7 drive is twice the speed as that of an LTO5 drive.

In order to achieve an optimal writing speed, the use and size of a buffer is important. The LTO7 buffer is 2 to 4 times greater than that of an LTO5 drive. Depending on the size of your data, this means that a transition from LTO5 to LTO7 allows you to increase your writing speed by 4 or 5 times.

3. High reliability

Data integrity is measured according to the BER (Bit Error Rate). This is an estimate of the amount of data you can write before risking a data error. The Bit Error Rate of an enterprise disk is 1×1016. When using an LTO7, you can wrote up to 100 times more data before risking a data error.

4. Barium Ferrite tape coating technology

LTO7 is the first t ape generation that exclusively uses Barium Ferrite tape coating technology. This is a technology that guarantees both a long archiving time for the tape and a longer lifespan of the drive. LTO tapes of generations LTO1-LTO5 use a different technology.

5. Market growth for LT07

LTO sales in the Benelux provide sales of approx. 43,000 tapes per month. One of the main reasons of tape sales increasing is long-term archiving and legal regulation in this regard. Secondly, there is a rapid growth of data in various sectors, such as: science, health care, data centres, video & gaming and the security market.

6. Environmentally friendly

Tape is both more inexpensive and environmentally friendly than Disk. The energy costs of a hard disk solution in itself are greater than the total costs of a tape solution.

7. A certain future

IBM and Oracle are manufacturers that continually contribute to the development and improvement of tape hardware. The whole of improvements in tape technology from Oracle, IBM and Fujifilm have greatly contributed to the expansions of the LTO roadmap to LTO10.

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