January 27, 2014

Data storage in the cloud: not completely safe

Whistleblower Edward Snowden has shown us all that we shouldn’t trust the cloud to fully secure our data. Since June 2013, Snowden has revealed several secret espionage programmes. For example, as of 2007, the NSA has access to online databases of companies including Microsoft, Yahoo, Google, Facebook and Apple.

As a result, data transfer based on the Safe Harbor Principles has become highly unreliable. These principles serve to prevent accidental disclosure or loss of data between Europe and the United States. Following Snowden’s reveals, doubts have been raised concerning the reliability of the cloud.

Secure data storage in the cloud doubtful

As you can see, the United States did not stick to the rules in the Safe Harbour Principles. For example, the NSA had several secret espionage programmes in place that could tap major online databanks aimed at ensuring national security.

The European Commission has proposed that the US amend the Safe Harbor Principles. By mid-2014, the US should inform Brussels about its decision. If the US does not approve with the new principles, an alternative must be sought for online data storage, given that the Safe Harbor Principles serve as an important foundation for the transfer of personal data in cloud environments.

Backup tape storage proven to be the safest solution

Even though a European cloud environment may be an option for data storage, it is even safer to completely disconnect critical data from networks. Data storage on tapes in a highly secure environment is the most secure solution. In this way, the data remains securely stored, regardless of whether the US agrees with the changes to the Safe Harbor Principles.

For over twenty years, Backupned has been the number one specialist in secure backup tape storage for organisations across the world. The tapes are stored in a nuclear-safe bunker that is protected by high standards against fire, water pollution, burglary and even natural disasters.

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