January 11, 2014

Backupned in de Gelderlander newspaper

On January 9, 2014 the Gelderlander newspaper published an extensive article on Backupned.

Major interest in safe data storage

The interest in secure storage of important data is increasing. For over 19 years, Backupned has been a specialist in the area of ultra-secure data storage.

What makes Backupned unique is that all data is securely stored in an underground bunker at a secret location somewhere in the Netherlands. In addition, all data is stored on tapes, ensuring that it is disconnected from any type of network.

Click here to download the full Gelderlander article (written in Dutch).

Backupned is growing every day and in 2013 even had an annual turnover of € 1.5 million. Especially government and companies store their data at Backupned.

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