November 7, 2014

Backupned congratulates Fox-It

In the battle for the Computable Awards 2014, Fox-It eventually came out on top. In absolute numbers, Fox-It received more votes than Backupned.

Peter Benedick: “Congratulations to Fox-It for winning the Award in our category. Backupned is a niche player and a different type of service provider than Fox-It. The latter has significantly more employees and a much larger customer base. In terms of numbers we could therefore never beat them, but we are still extremely pleased with our nomination as the best security service provider in 2014. The jury had extremely positive words about us and has thereby confirmed our own belief that we are on the right track, with an even more beautiful future awaiting us. I am extremely proud of our team. It is them who have made this significant milestone possible.

Backupned is the number of Dutch specialist in tape backup, storage and transport: the company only manages tapes. As the only company in the Netherlands, the company owns its own underground nuclear-safe bunker, 60 metres above Amsterdam Ordnance Datum. In addition to ISO 9001, it is also ISO 27001 certified. Backupned is a 100% Dutch company with a select number of customers, allowing for a more personal day-to-day approach.

Read more in the jury report.

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