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Tape is the world’s oldest way of storing data. The first computer data was put on tape as early as 1951, and in 1956 IBM launched a commercial product for storing data. Since then, the LTO tape has become an indispensable part of IT.

The LTO tape was launched in the 1990s, with LTO standing for Linear Tape Open: a magnetic system for storing data on tape based on open standards. LTO tape is also known as LTO Ultrium format. LTO is a powerful, scalable and adjustable open tape format with vast storage capacity, maximum storage density and good performance. It works according to the write once, read many (WORM) principle. This means that the data only needs to be written to tape once after which you can read it many times.



Since the first LTO tapes came onto the market, more than 5.6 million tapedrives, over 351 million cartridges and almost 371 billion GB of media capacity have been shipped. This makes the LTO tape the most successful tape format ever. But why is that?

Tape has never been beaten when it comes to the cost of capacity, reliability, portability and security and it plays a significant role in data protection. LTO can also complement a disk-based storage system by providing an offline or backup option. It means that data can continue to be protected in the event of malware or a data security breach.

Tape backup is therefore popular because it is an offline medium. There is obviously still a risk of theft, but although a cybercriminal can get to the storage arrays, Linear Tape Open (LTO) ensures that they cannot access the data cartridge in slots. The WORM cartridges are not physically linked, which means they cannot be read in a tape drive in the same way that a hard drive can be read. When it comes to capacity, security and offline storage, tape is still the future for data storage.


Nowadays, storing data in the Cloud is considered to be the obvious option. But is it really the right choice? It involves several challenges. One example is problems with bandwidth, i.e. the maximum amount of data that can be transferred per unit of time. Added to this, the purchasing and maintenance costs are high. It is also much more susceptible to malfunctions than LTO tape.

The secure and frequently used option is therefore still LTO tape. It has various advantages, such as low cost, the fact that it is optimised for high capacity, compatibility, and portability. Nowadays it is still the most reliable and best storage solution for long-term data storage.



Here are eight reasons why LTO tapes are the best choice for protecting your data.

1. Low total cost of use

As mentioned earlier, using LTO tapes is many times cheaper than other options for storing data. Research by the Clipper Group revealed that storing data on tape is 15 times cheaper than storage on disk.

2. A green storage solution

Making use of tapes is not just economical in terms of money. When it comes to energy, it is the best way of storing a large amount of data economically and securely. Research by the Clipper Group revealed that this storage method consumes 238 times less energy than storage on disk. The cost of energy consumed by storage on disk is more than the total cost of tape storage.

3. Simple management

Management and use are extremely convenient. Backupned makes use of TapeTracer, which enables you to track and trace the LTO tapes with ease. This track & trace app has been developed entirely in house. Every tape can be traced within minutes and we can get them to you quickly as well.

During audits, we ensure that a real-time report can always be provided on the tapes in our tape library. You can also view an up-to-date history of all our tape handling services. This history always goes back to the time a tape is identified in our depot.

4. One standard solution

A single solution for high-quality media for storage, backup and disaster recovery.

5. Added security

Your data is stored securely offline. No hackers can get at it.

6. Simple to exchange

LTO tapes can be moved around simply and securely. Particularly in the case of Backupned, you know that transport is always done well. Our employees are intensively screened and your tapes can always be tracked during transport by means of our TapeTracer app.

7. Longest storage time

LTO tapes last for more than 30 years. This means you can store your data securely and easily for an extremely long time.

8. Scalable

What if the amount of data suddenly grows exponentially? LTO tapes grow with your data without you having to pay any more for transport and infrastructure.


The LTO Technology Ultrium format is available from some of the biggest names in the storage industry. Because the format is ‘open’, a wide range of similar products is available from various vendors.

LTO Program Technology Provider Companies is a group of three companies which focuses on the development and optimisation of tape products. It is the registered trademark of Hewlett Packard Enterprise, IBM and Quantum. Fujifilm and Sony are also licence holders of Generation 8 technology. They work continuously on improving the format of LTO tape to meet the growing demands of data protected storage.

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