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How we work

We exemplify safety, integrity, reliability and continuity, which is what your data is entitled to.

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Your request for data storage (archiving or golden copy).

Mapping exercise (the fundamental principle for the service/measures to be provided):

  • What are your needs?
  • Broad risk identification.
  • Is there a Management Information System or audit which makes measures compulsory?

Our proposal to meet your needs on the basis of your provisional estimate.

If agreed, we perform a definitive mapping exercise to determine what ought to be stored.

  • Which tape medium?
  • Quantity of that type of storage medium?

Amended agreement.

Description of the process, including:

  • Authorisation process;
  • Authorised employees;
  • Volumes to be transported;
  • What takes place where;
  • Level of security;
  • Means of transport.

Arrangements for the facility, such as planning, routing and the security of the means of transport.

Commencement date on which our logistics manager will test the process.

Process becomes operational.

After two months: first evaluation of the process.

How we work - BackupNed


Our business processes have been designed professionally, transparently and with due care. We hold two quality certificates, which guarantee flawless and traceable handling, logistics and storage of your data tapes:

- ISO 9001 ((held since 2006):
the internationally accepted standard which ensures a professional, verifiable and effective quality management system.

- ISO/EC 27001 (held since 2012):
the internationally accepted standard for information security, which describes how information security has to be structured in a process-oriented manner.

Backupned has a professional complaints protocol in place, in the unlikely event of our services failing to meet your requirements. We resolve incidents and, if you have incurred damage, you can be compensated. This protocol is reviewed and updated annually.


We make use of TapeTracer to trace tapes: a track & trace application we have developed entirely in house. Any tape can be traced and handed over to you within a few minutes.

This not only means that an up-to-date and real-time list of available tapes can be produced during audits, but also the history of all the tape handling activities from the moment a tape enters our depot.

In safe hands