Frequently Asked Questions

Offsite tape storage

What is included in our service?
Our full-service provision comprises the supply and labelling of tapes, their transport, tape handling at the client and in our depot, secure storage, data recovery and certified destruction of tapes.
Do you ever lose a tape?
No, we make use of our own barcode application, developed in-house, including a tracing module which enables us to track and register all tape movements. Every handling activity is recorded and archived for as long as the tape is in our care. No tape has ever been lost in our 25-year history.
Do tapes need to be “treated” while they are being stored (e.g. rewound/replaced) to ensure that their condition does not deteriorate?
No, the quality of LTO tapes from type LTO5 onwards means that is not necessary. The manufacturer does not make this a condition for meeting the guarantee period it offers either.
What is the lifespan of a tape in your depot?
In combination with the right climate conditions in our underground depot, the manufacturer guarantees a lifespan of up to 30 years for tapes.
Do I need to take additional measures before a tape is stored for a long period?
To be sure that the tape in question can be read again after a long time, we advise that the tape is analysed prior to being stored. The analysis can assess whether the data has been correctly written to tape, which is essential for correct data recovery. In addition, a catalogue can be created to enable the data you require to be traced quickly and correctly. Backupned recommends that you keep your data mover or back-up software package versions up to date and include them in the back-up process description to ensure that you get the right version should you need to restore or recover your data.
Which measures are taken to prevent an unauthorised person from retrieving a tape from you?
We advise all our clients to provide an authorisation procedure. It must state who is authorised to retrieve a tape and when that can be done. An escalation procedure including details of the authorisation levels you desire can be linked to this process.
How is the safety and security of my tapes guaranteed?
In terms of construction: by means of safely storing them in underground, former nuclear bunkers. Electronically: by means of a BORG-certified security system combined with a real-time camera detection system placed at strategic spots in and around the depots. The entrance to the depots and to the separate vaults where the tapes are kept are compartmentalised and equipped with electronic access control and registration.
What is the minimum and maximum number of tapes I can store with you?
You can use our service even if you only have one tape, but that can be extended to some 50,000 tapes per client.
What are your retention periods?
You decide on your own retention periods on the basis of your own company policy, compatible with the retention periods set by the legislator. We can meet every request.
Can I hand over my data management to you too?
Of course, when you are ready, we will manage the data for the retention period you define for each data set. When these periods come to an end, we will destroy these data carriers in accordance with a meticulous certified process.
Do I need to buy and maintain my own hardware to make use of your services?
Our clients are not confined to an on-premises solution, in which Backupned collects your physical data carriers and keeps them safe. We also provide an “as-a-Service model” which includes data storage, back-ups and archiving to make your life easier.

Offsite tape storage/Restore van data

How do I avoid being unable to read my tape because it has become obsolete?
By storing the tape in the right environment under the right conditions. We are able to supply your data from the tape at all times, in the format you wish at that moment. The quality and volume of the data will be delivered as it was written to tape.
Do I need to retain my own tape environment to be able to read tapes?
No, we are able to supply the data instead of the tape at any time.
How to I submit a restore request?
The protocol for recovery will be made available as soon as you become one of our clients. We offer a 24/7 accessibility and availability procedure . Tapes are always delivered to an address in the Netherlands supplied by the client, with the exception of the islands, within three hours of your application. Where appropriate, there is also an option of having Backupned restore or recover the data onto tape.

Online backup

How much data can I send in which space of time? What is the minimum bandwidth I need to make use of your services?
That depends on the amount of data you want to send and the amount of time available to do so. A dataset of 1 TB, for example, can be transferred via a 1 Gbps line to your off-site storage facility in the space of two hours.
Which back-up software should I use to send data to my storage environment?
We support all back-up software packages (such as: Veeam, Commvault and Tivoli). There are no restrictions from a technical point of view.
Do we need to set up hardware on your site to be able to make use of your service, or is your service offered completely “as-a-Service”?
We prefer as-a-Service, but we can come to an arrangement (under certain conditions) about setting up your own equipment. Very obsolete or written off hardware is not accepted for safety reasons.
Will we continue to comply with all legislation and regulations (GDPR, data security, etc.) by using your service?
Yes, our services meet the guidelines for ISO 27001 and are completely GDPR-compliant.
Is there a limit to the quantity of data that I can store with you?
No, mainly because of the off-site and offline facilities associated with this form of data storage.
What is the difference between your cloud solution (online and off-site) and data storage in other cloud environments?
The biggest difference between our services and those of other large cloud platforms is the fact that we are a purely Dutch company and we put your data offline by writing it to tape after the agreed retention period. We make use of a storage medium that has evolved over time to become a high-end solution providing a safe, secure, reliable and sustainable form of data security. We have raised the service to a specialism and accommodate it in two identical, ultra-secure storage locations in the Netherlands.

Online backup/Offsite tape storage

How frequently should our data be written to tape?
We apply your own back-up strategy for this. It could be every day, once a week or once a month, but also several times a day or week.
Does your full service provision mean I don’t need to do any tape handling?
Yes, completely. All our services are provided 24/7 and 365 days a year by our own employees who all meet the security requirements anchored in our ISO 27001 management system.
What about buying new tapes?
The service is all-inclusive, including the supply of tapes under competitive conditions.
Is it possible to receive incidental or periodical reports, or even urgent reports (during an audit, for example) on my off-site data storage (number of tapes, physical location, quantity of data, etc.)?
In the context of complete transparency, this is one of the most important priorities in our full-service provision.
Can you advise us on our back-up policy and our back-up strategy?
Yes, you can always ask us about that. Besides our many years of experience, we are also able to call on our long-term, reliable partners who are specialists in this area. You will always be consulted first.
Is it an inescapable requirement that my data is also stored on tape?
Yes. We guarantee very high, long-term availability, partly based on an off-site and offline copy on tape, stored at a second off-site location, well away from your online and off-site storage facility.

Online backup/Restore van data

How does a restore request for data work and how soon does it become available?
Restore requests go through our 24/7/365 accelerated procedure. We will then ask you to decide how the restore should progress. Tapes are delivered within three hours to any address in the Netherlands, with the exception of the islands. This can be your own site, a disaster recovery site or to our own online / off-site depot where tapes can be placed in your own specific storage facility, after which the data you need is made remotely available to you.
How does a restore of data work if I no longer have back-up software (such as in long-term data archiving)?
We can offer “restore on demand” for this. In such cases, we arrange for the delivery of your data (not the tape) in a format of your choice.
Do you offer a periodic restore test?
We can do. You always take the lead in this on the basis of your specific back-up strategy.

Tape transport

How is transport kept secure?
We work on the basis of a low-profile policy and therefore use unmarked vehicles for this. All our vehicles are air-conditioned and provided with an alarm system with a high security rating. They are also provided with a black box with a GPS vehicle tracking system so that we can see the exact location of the vehicle at any time. The history of this data is kept for a long time.
Do you ever have incidents which could put my back-up tapes at risk?
All our drivers are permanently employed with long-term contracts for an indefinite period. We closely monitor the state of our fleet of vehicles and the quality of maintenance. All vehicles are replaced every two years. Our drivers’ driving behaviour is consistent and extremely careful. The number of incidents in relation to the number of kilometres driven each year is virtually zero.
Can you be compared to a courier service?
Certainly not, even though it might seem so. We perform daily and weekly recurring transports with a strong sense of their high insurance rating. This is further reinforced by our day-to-day contact with our clients.
How frequently can you collect tapes from us?
It can be done regularly: daily, weekly, monthly and annually at times between 8.30 and 17.30. It is also possible to make use of an on-demand schedule in which the exchange is arranged entirely according to the client’s wishes and needs. Arrangements for exchanges at the weekend or on nationally recognised public holidays must be made in advance.
Do you also collect back-up tapes from other countries?
Yes, we do. National or continental borders form no obstacles to us. It is however conditional on our being completely involved in the transport as the regulatory authority and “processor”.

General questions

What is the value of a back-up tape?
That is something you always decide for yourself. A tape can be unique (see your golden copy) but it can also represent significant value due to its high quality in combination with large storage capacity. A tape has a manufacturer’s warranty of 30 years without incurring interim modification costs. The storage capacity per tape is currently more than 30 TB.

A tape classified by the client as a golden copy represents “unprecedented value”, since its loss would generally mean the loss of unique historical and/or strategic data.
Is a tape solution appropriate for this day and age?
Most large organisations make use of LTO tape technology. Well-known names include Google, Netflix and Facebook. Tapes offer the cheapest, safest and most reliable storage solution.
Can I fully counteract the consequences of ransomware with back-up tapes?
That depends on a number of factors. A back-up tape can be beneficial in the recovery process necessitated by ransomware, but its use is limited by how extensive the environment is and also by the time needed to recover completely. Another major factor is how up-to-date the stored data is in relation to the “hostage” situation. This requires a consistent and well planned back-up process.
Can you supply a data recovery plan?
We can, but it is always aligned with your specific wishes and will always be drawn up in consultation with you. If you wish, you may make use of our dedicated, reliable partners who specialise in data recovery from tapes.

How we work

Do you employ temporary staff?
No, we don’t. Our policy since Backupned was founded in 1995 has been to exclusively employ our own screened employees, who have certificates of good conduct.
Which organisations do you mainly work for?
They vary from SMEs to listed companies and multinationals. But we also work with healthcare centres, such as hospitals, and local, provincial and national government bodies.
How do you safeguard Backupned’s integrity?
We never issue marketing publicity in which our clients’ names are mentioned. Apart from that, our depots are low-profile with no identifying features, which also applies to our fleet of vehicles. All our employees are on permanent contracts and hold certificates of good conduct.
I’d like to store my tapes with you as soon as possible. How quickly can that be arranged?
We aim to store and register around 10,000 tapes a week in accordance with our safety protocol (ISO 27001 and ISO 9001). Smaller quantities – up to 2,000 to 3,000 tapes – can be processed within one or two days.
Are you ISO certified?
We have held an ISO 9001 certificate since 7 December 2006 and an ISO 27001 certificate since 3 February 2012. You can view the certificates here.
Is Backupned independent or are you part of a larger organisation?
Since our founding on 1 March 1995, we have been completely legally, organisationally and financially independent and autonomous.