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For 25 years, people have either cursed or loved the use of tapes. We have never lost our faith in the value of tapes and their offline storage, even today, because new risks in a fast-changing world require offline measures. Tapes act as a high-end medium to safeguard your data.



Data is the lifeblood of your organisation and, in the event of a calamity, can cause serious damage to its continuity and your image.

Data stored online is accessible and vulnerable to loss and/or theft. Data stored offline offers greater assurance that continuity is completely guaranteed. We store your data anonymously, securely, sustainably and reliably in our underground depots.

We have made a conscious decision to be discrete in presenting our company. Our means of transport and storage sites are anonymous and unrecognisable. We give no references and never name our clients. Anonymity is embedded in our DNA and reinforces your data’s safety and security.


Backupned is financially and organisationally completely independent. Founded in 1995, Backupned can boast a significant proportion of larger Dutch businesses, national and regional government authorities and other prestigious organisations among its clientele.



We invest continuously in improving the security level we offer. This level is aligned with our high-level offline data storage and ultra-secure online backup process.

External auditors working in various disciplines conduct risk analyses every year. Besides that, we are constantly prepared for security aspects which arise as a result of fast-changing IT and developments in society.


Data centres specialising in mass storage of data consume increasing amounts of energy, whereas static data can be stored on tape perfectly well. Energy consumption is zero in that case, while lifespan and traceability are fully guaranteed. When tapes are retained for a long time, Backupned guarantees the availability of the data on any medium you wish.


We endorse the 3-2-1-0 rule, in which 0 represents a golden copy.

A golden copy is checked for the absence of encryption introduced by cybercriminals and is guaranteed clean. One of its uses is for data recovery following a ransomware attack.

The golden copy is obviously stored externally in a high-security location.


Backupned guarantees that the only person who can inspect or retrieve a client’s stored data is the client themselves.


Our business processes carry certificates. We guarantee traceability and thus uninterrupted continuity of data storage.


a word

from our founder

Peter Benedick: My heart and soul has gone into Backupned for over 25 years. By providing reliable external data storage on tape in our nuclear-free bunkers, my team and I unburden our clients.

Tape? I hear you thinking. Indeed, I am a fervent believer in tape. For a long time, I was one of the few. And the arrival of the cloud has certainly not helped to improve its image.


Ondergronds succes

I get it, the picture people conjure up when they hear the word “tape” is that of an old cassette tape – together with a trusty pencil – whose successors, the DVD and the CD, were introduced as far back as 25 years ago. But today’s tape has undergone enormous developments. A consortium comprising HP Enterprise, IBM and Quantum (and later Sony and Fujifilm) was involved from the start in the development of a very reliable and effective storage medium for extremely safe, secure and reliable data storage.

Our clients view tape as gold bullion full of data. And that’s how we treat them too, every one of them, day in, day out, for over 25 years! The latest tapes can store no less than 30 TB of data. To give you an idea: that is equivalent to 195 million document pages or 39,000 physical filing cupboards full of paper. You can just imagine what the value of just one of these tapes is.

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Backupned’s logo alludes to the fossils of Cephalopods, a type of mollusc, which have lain below the earth’s crust for hundreds of millions of years. They stored secrets in their characteristic separate chambers, secrets the nature of which no one knows and no one will ever know.

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CEO & Founder
Peter Benedick
Financial controller
Anita Platenburg
Manager operations
Marcel Schouten
Quality manager
Lidewijde Notten-Boomsma
Chief technology officer
Sandrie Datema