Ensuring the continuity of your critical data is what drives us. Two modernised, underground and ultra-secure bunkers enable us to guarantee completely secure online data transfer and offline data storage.
Peter Benedick
Founder Backupned

Backupned's services

To keep your data safe

BackupNed - Online offsite datavaulting

off-site vaulting

The convenience of online data transport, combined with the safety, security and reliability of tape storage.

BackupNed - Offline, offsite datavaulting

off-site vaulting

Safe and secure tape storage, available 24 hours a day, inaccessible to anyone else.

BackupNed - Home, wie zijn wij

Your data in safe hands of Backupned

Backupned exemplifies security, integrity, reliability and continuity. We have been specialists and an authority in our profession for 25 years: data storage in two identical, ultra-secure, underground depots, situated above Amsterdam Ordnance Datum (NAP) and geographically and strategically far apart.

Our employees are trained, permanently employed and of irreproachable conduct. Our anonymity and discretion reinforces the safety and security of your data.